MADEMOISELLE O was created by Olivia WONG, French of Asian origin artist and graphic designer, in order to share a new concept: Zen Lifestyle. Adopting a Zen Lifestyle means to create beauty inside and around us, to find harmony with itself and its environment. To be Zen is to have peace of mind. It means to be connected with the present moment, with our creativity and our deepest being, bringing forth balance and inner calm. It is also taking time to observe and contemplate our surrounding.

MADEMOISELLE O likes clean lines, minimalist style and abstract shapes. She draws inspiration from her direct environment here or elsewhere, diverting with pleasure the contemporary objects of everyday life, infuses a new sense and a personal reading of the world, opens and nourishes whoever has a curious mind. From fashion to architecture, to design, nature and travel, her creations represent strong symbols that bear witness to our history and invite meditation.

Living between France and Italy and traveling regularly for her work, her nomadic lifestyle inspired her a practical, minimalist and simple way of life. Also passionate about personal development, she has been cultivating since her adolescence a healthy and positive art of living in order to lead a more free and fulfilled life both in her private and professional life. Her life choices  have always been guided by her thirst for learning and her passion for creation. Her atypical career allowed her to reach the communication, media and art sectors and work as model, actress, radio director, event project manager or video editor.

In 2017, Olivia WONG won the Graphic Design contest organized by , the famous cultural Café-bar, and created an exclusive artprint, printed in limited edition to 1000 copies, and offered to the Mayor of Paris, Mrs. Anne Hidalgo.

Since 2008, she has chosen to work as an independent because nothing is more valuable to her than her freedom. Her vision as a Zen woman entrepreneur is the result of a long research and a personal approach that she wishes to convey to young women through the creation of the blog:

on the secrets of success exclusively adapted to women, based on scientific studies and point of view of experts.


MADEMOISELLE O creates art design mainly to share a lifestyle and a philosophy which enable women to connect to their own creativity  and to be fulfilled in all areas of their lives. Her lifestyle is based on deep aspirations and ambitious values. MADEMOISELLE O has established a personal ethics charter that is the guideline of the instructions and messages she communicates, recalling that the ultimate goal of our life is to find our personal purpose and live fully and freely.


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MADEMOISELLE O is a graphic studio specialized in:

  • interior decoration (graphic artprints, wall decoration and home furniture)
  • illustration of lifestyle accessories (nomadic lifestyle, travelling)
  • illustration of stationery items and office supplies,
  • illustration of gifts and packagings

Our preferred design style is refined, pure, simple and minimalist to respect a Zen Design style, creating harmony in interiors and peace of mind.

MADEMOISELLE O creates personal art collections, and collaborates with partners as well, such as interior design and home furniture companies, interior designers and architects, concept stores and lifestyle shops.

We are open to any proposal of projects. We will customize according to your specifications.


MADEMOISELLE O graphic design collections are designed and imagined by its founder, Olivia Wong. She also works with other talents and women artists. This artistic emulation nourishes a constantly renewed creativity, that is why she surrounds herself only with women to value the expression and the feminine sensibility, which constitutes the identity and the DNA of the brand.





Silvia Baldi is an Italian graphic designer in the field of communication, advertising and visual art. Her curiosity and passion for art push her to seek beauty and creativity in everything, not only in aesthetic expression, but above all as an unlimited potential of the human being. Thus, gradually, she gets closer to personal and spiritual development, studies psychology in particular and is interested in interiority as a creative space, associating the artistic world with the well-being of the person. With this approach, she defines herself as an “emotional artist”, giving her drawings and projects a soul to express something other than mere aesthetic beauty, paying particular attention to the inner observation.

It is this vision that led her to collaborate with MADEMOISELLE O, with whom she shares a common philosophy. Inner beauty reveals physical beauty and vice versa, with the spirit of seeking the unique, hidden genuineness of each person.





The heart and the passion to develop an idea, a gesture, a color, an emotion. From technical training, from which her discipline and her love for the material come, she seeks the imperfect equilibrium of the aesthetics that arises from the fusion of space, form and color, and comes to be filled in the material realization of a idea in all its purity. Graphic art represents the true nature of a mix of styles and techniques, living with ever-changing experiments. Martina has collaborated with various artists and visual and tactile performers artists for temporary exhibitions in Italy.

Working with MADEMOISELLE O was obvious. The passions and interests shared with her founder led them to work together on graphic artworks with extraordinary symbiosis. A very rich collaboration, in simplicity and dynamism, which is certainly expressed also in the collections.