Puente del Alamillo, Seville 1992

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Technical information


Edition: Polaroid Posters

Subject: Puente del Alamillo, Seville 1992

Designer: Olivia Wong

Technique: digital design printed in high definition

Paper quality: Fine art paper (360 g/m2)

Size: 36x43cm (including passe-partout)

Furniture: Delivered with a hand-made passe-partout, high «Museum» quality

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MADEMOISELLE O loves the World Expos because they are manifestation of public interest, showing human progress to meet the needs of a civilization as well as the prospects for the future. The International Exhibitions were created to present the industrial achievements of the different nations. The organization of Universal Expos is sometimes accompanied by works and urban planning projects that mark the urban architecture, thus becoming a historical symbol and a tourism icon of the city. This collection presents a selection of these monuments around the world. In the same way, some architectural achievements built on the occasion of World Expos became the symbol of the cities that sheltered them. MADEMOISELLE O presents in her own way some of them, which became historical.